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Domains 101: Exploring the Domain Name System

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In the past few weeks, we’ve gone over the basics of domain ownership in “Introduction to Custom Domains” and covered the details of domain registration versus website hosting in “Mapping It Out.” In our last segment of Domains 101, let’s delve into the wild world of custom DNS (Domain Name System) records and email. Ready?

What is a DNS record?

Within a single domain name, there is a hierarchy spanning from the TLD — such as .com — to the subdomain — such as, mygroovysite.wordpress.com. Your domain name servers resolve, or connect, to a unique IP address that lets browsers know where to find your site when a visitor types your domain into their address bar. Domain Name System, or DNS, records are similar in that they connect subsets of your domain to the servers on which services, like your email, are hosted.

DNS records live in the DNS Zone. When…

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Bullying: A big problem

ImageBullying is a problem in every school. Students get bullied. Bullying has many kinds, it can be physical, verbal or cyber. School administrators are finding away to end bullying, yet still they cannot. Some say they bully just for fun or some say that it was just a joke but actually they are already hurting the person the bullied especially if that person is sensitive. I have a friend which is always bullied by my classmates. They say that he is a gay but actually he is not. My friend always talks to me about about, he says that he just keeps it to himself but actually he is hurt. I wanted to help him out. I always say to my classmates who always bully my friend to stop it. I wrote it not just for my friend but for everyone who are bullied and for everyone who wants to stop bullying.

Daily Horoscope

During the next ten days it won’t be like you planned life that way, but it magically works (even in disconnected jumps) when Jupiter and Uranus square off. Don’t promise anything today if you don’t intend to follow through. Strong but positive feelings are reciprocated when the Moon aspects Jupiter tonight.

Being generous and a “peace-liker”

If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would you spend your time? What positive change would you bring to the world?

If I would be suddenly independently wealthy person, well I would spend my time in charities. I would be helping disabled person who cannot work for their living and they don’t have families that can help him/her. I would help people who are in need.

I would also like to bring peace to change the world. Many of the countries now are in war. If I would bring peace to the world, then maybe there will be no wars that could be happening again.